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Ahhh! March 17, 2012

Filed under: Journal Entry — multiculturalfamilyrecipes @ 7:54 pm

Today I began thinking of recipes to add to the blog. I called my Nonni and my mom to ask them for the recipes of Italian dishes that I grew up loving. Unfortunately, most of the recipes of foods I wanted to include on this blog involve making everything from scratch, which involves a lot of ingredients, time and supplies that I didn’t even have. I don’t know what I’m going to do now, there are a few that I could still use by using some store bought ingredients, but my absolute favorite dish is my Nonni’s Lasagna. It’s different than the others because she makes her noodles from scratch, and she layers it many more times then any other lasagna that I’ve ever tried before, and nothing compares to her homemade dish. In fact, I don’t even eat lasagna if it isn’t hers. Regardless, many of the dishes I planned to use are going to be too difficult of recipes to include in this cookbook, but maybe I will add them to the blog later. How frustrating!



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