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Salvadorian Lunch and Trying New Things May 5, 2012

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Today I went out to lunch with my parents, and we decided to eat Salvadorian food. Although I chose to share Italian food as my culture for this project, only half of my family culture comes from there. I am also half El Salvadorian. My parents have been together for many years, practically growing up with each other, and eating lots of each other’s cultural foods. My mom and I have been talking a lot lately about Italian food for this project, and when I began telling her about the Salvadorian food I tried, she began telling me all of her favorites. When we got to the restaurant, La Santaneca on Mission Street, we ordered all of their favorites.



Yuca Frita Con Chicharron


Platanos Con Frijoles Y Crema


Tamal De Elote Con Crema


Everything was so good that we almost forgot to take pictures! I can’t believe I never ate half of these foods before. My favorite was the pupusas and the platanos. I also loved the yuca frita. Whenever I go to Salvadorian restaurants I always go straight for the pupusas. I was glad to try something new and learn more about this half of my culture. Talking with Glenda helped to open up my interests about Salvadorian culture, and learning more about my dad’s culture has been a great experience.